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April 2, 2018

Woke up at 3:30am for the 4-8am watch. Nearly a full moon, so stars were not too visible, but nevertheless quite nice. Spent much of the time staring out to sea. Spent some of the time getting four coffees, one tea, and a squash (juice).

Took the helm for about an hour. Getting better at it, she’s not easy to steer. It’s a bit of a dance. Hardest part is when the waves are high, since depending on the angle they tend to rotate the ship one way or the other, making maintaining a steady course tough.

Morning conditions were good. 20-30 knots wind speed. Heading 25-35 degrees north north east, trying to get as far north as possible to avoid northerly winds later in the voyage. Made 6-7.5 knots during the shift, which only went up throughout the day.

Breakfast was followed by a briefing and bed. Slept maybe 2 hours.

Showers on board are like a wrestling match with gravity, but rewarded with a feeling of accomplishment.

Spent a few hours midday outside reading. Left once the bridge started getting occasional waves crashing under it and onto my leeward side.

At helm again for an hour. Seas particularly tricky, and 4-5 crew were up in the rigging making adjustments. Adjustments were made while keeping an eye out for incoming waves that will try to turn the ship a few degrees off course. Didn’t realise how tired I was until after I left the helm. Takes a lot of focus.

Spilled another glass of wine. I don’t know why I bothered getting a bottle.

Off to bed soon, with the 8am-noon watch to look forward to.

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