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April 13, 2018

13 April, 1230 hrs

Greetings to the world from the SV Tenacious. We are the Aft Starboard watch. Leader Roly with Stuart, Geertje, Peter, Andy, Paul, Maggie and Bill. Our current position is 30° 08’Ss 13°36’E, 339 nm from our departure at Cape Town travelling on a heading of 320 deg at 7.2 kts, and it is a glorious, sunny blue sky day in the Atlantic.

At 1620hrs yesterday we set the fore course and main t’gallant sails, bringing us up to 11 sails set. Wind picked up and we were also able to turn off the engines. Peace at last!

The 1st mate, Ali, gave an interesting talk about points of sail on a square-rigger. Katy, the cook’s assistant, spotted a hawksbill turtle. We came on First watch at 2000 hrs with a stunning, clear, starry sky and an amazing light show of (bioluminescence) fairies in the water! Wind dropped to 4kts and we started engines again at 2218 hrs. We woke today to a cloudy start but that has now burned off.

The permanent crew had a Fire Drill – turned out to be dinner on Cookie’s oven, which was extinguished without too much trouble. Due to falling and changeable winds, we handed the mizzen staysail at 1350 hrs and squared the main yards. Stay tuned for new adventures in the coming days.

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