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April 14, 2018

Hello to the family, friends and JST enthusiasts from Aft Port Watch. As this is our first blog entry we’ll introduce ourselves… Mike is our able Watch Leader, with Andy (the Ozzy one), Tim, Ruth, Carter, Chris, Nick, Karen and cadet Alasdair making up the team.

We’ve now travelled 493NM from Cape Town, with the last 24 hours being under sail only, and we’re settling into a routine, which seems to revolve around mealtimes!

Last night’s watch (8 – midnight) proved entertaining with flying fish landing on deck, and Mike rushing to throw the still living ones back over the rail (however, having seen the amount of slime and scales they shed he may not be in such a rush in the future!)

This morning First Mate Ali continued our education with a lesson on sail setting and the differences between types of tall ships e.g Fully rigged ship, Barque, Barquentine.

On today’s watch we’ve passed the time with knotting practice (Tug Man’s Hitch, Sheetbend, and Bowline) and dealing with manual steering (without hydraulics, i.e. no power steering), which will make up for not having a gym on board.

Carter is organising the first sweepstake of the voyage – best estimate of crossing the line of 5 degree west longitude. The winner gets a bar of Cadburys Dairy Milk!

I’ll end this blog with the award winning question of the day (the contributor can remain anonymous). “Do you see many submarines when on lookout?” …think about it 😉

Sending hugs to our families from the Aft Port Watch x

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