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May 12, 2018

In the wake of a legend…. As our Titanic tribute band proceeded west, we encountered a very lumpy, bumpy channel that brought the old ‘Green Monster’ out in many of the voyage crew. However after a night anchored at Falmouth, we awoke to glorious sunshine and most had recovered their sea legs.

RN Chris typifies the commitment of Port Forward Watch, rising from his sick bed to complete a mess duty before joining the watch on deck and taking over the helm. 3/O Tamsin also helped, demonstrating her amazing powers-commanding a squall to stop interrupting our sunny passage. Our watch is a great bunch, working well together. Two Clipper crew, one submariner, two from Belfast where the Titanic was built and our famous historian Geoff whose knowledge of the Titanic is unquestionable but whose jokes sink quicker than the mighty vessel itself. On the plus side, he is closing in on a record number of yellow cards issued by the officer on watch.

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