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May 14, 2018

We begin with the early morning fog and the discovery that one long blast on the ships whistle every 2 minutes is apparently quite difficult to sleep through! Fortunately our time in the fog sounding our whistle wasn’t too long.

Once through the fog we found ourselves floating up river and approaching Cobh all wishing we could park where the Queen Victoria was.  Still with her in, we swathe last of Cunard’s queens in one voyage.  Instead we picked up Tom, our local guide and former Lord Nelson Captain to take us up the river to Cork and a very pretty trip it was.  More importantly he also gave us information on the preferred local tipple which was gratefully received by some.

Having finally arrived alongside in Cork through the sandstone created by local cargo vessels unloading ……… sand, we were given shore leave. Our effervescent tour guide Geoff took those who wished to learn more about the Titanic back to Cobh by train to see a museum.  The rest of the voyage crew descended upon Cork like a plague of locusts with chants of Beamish, music, food echoing along the quay.  Well that may not be entirely true but it certainly sounds better than people trickled off to shop and eat.

Richard Lloyd

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