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May 15, 2018

We started today with breakfast at 08.00, with all the voyage crew present.  Cork was fair in weather with a few clouds but otherwise sunny.  Right after breakfast we had the voyage photograph on the quayside without issue (everyone was present and on time!).

At around 9.30 hours we started assisted climbs with everyone attempting a climb.  Matthew decided to do the climb in the self-propelled ‘chair harness’.  He ascended in about eight or nine minutes.  After doing the hard work of pulling himself up to the platform he relaxed and enjoyed the views of Cork before making the somewhat easier descent. Other people to ascend the main mast were Bill and Kate.

We began our watch after smoko as we had to depart.  Gaynor was on helm, Lizzie was the scribe, Ross was on the line gang and James was on the mooring lines.  It was warm and sunny and the pilot Tom was already boarded.  We got away quickly with no problems.  Gaynor was on helm, unhappily, as James had been reassigned, but she brought us out of harbour without crashing into anything or grounding the boat.

There was a bit of confusion when early lunch was called for the oncoming watch and we were already on the bridge, but Andy came up to take the helm and the permanent crew filled the rest of the roles.  Lunch was leek and potato soup served with cheese and tomato on toast.  The soup was delicious.  We all went straight back on watch in time for the ship to pass Cobh and out to sea.

Tamsin convinced Ross to climb with her as part of his leadership at sea course.  He ascended all the way up to the royal yard and stayed there so Gaynor could take a photo.  Everyone is a lot more refreshed after staying the day at Cork and you can tell that people’s confidence is starting to come through now they’ve had time to rest.

All are hoping for good weather for the passage to Belfast.

Lizzie Saisse

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