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May 12, 2018

Yesterday’s celebrations continued with the presentation of magnificent certificates ably drawn by Scottish Stuart. The awards were helped by a personal delivery from Captain Morgan to Captain Barbara and as the sun was well over the yard arm, the main brace was duly spliced without us even being aware of it being broken.

The onboard competitions then took on a more classical hue as in the supreme art work were the quizzical letters DV after the name of our good ship. As usual Aft Port were the ones who worked this out as Chris T’s classical education allowed him to decipher this as our voyage number, 505. He graciously declined the proffered drink or being released from mess duty.

Last night was reported as damp by some with torrential rain for 4hrs and today the wind has not co-operated but our gallant leader is promising more favourable conditions when we get 4 degrees north. However, False Killer Whales joined us in the currently weedy sea. Tendricles of seaweed that may have come from the Sargasso sea?

Today is Mikaela’s birthday, celebrated with the traditional cake decorated in amazing sugar paste art and a marvellous hat depicting the hard travail of a BM. Magnanimously she spent her all too short lunch break undoing the ravages King Neptune had caused to my Swedish Coffee shop hair style. What a team player! Many thanks.

Aft Port signing off.

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