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May 13, 2018

Sunday and day 35 of the mission. Forward starboard have the blog keyboard. We’ve now covered over 4860 nautical miles since Cape Town.

We were awoken this morning to the pleasure of a heeling ship (10 to 15 degrees no less), making daily chores slightly more challenging. Morning and afternoon smoko’s saw milk jugs hit the deck in the swell, spills quickly dealt with.

However we are sailing, clicking along at pace: 9 knots, sometimes more, although Hamish thinks there’s room for improvement. A steady North Easterly shifts us North West, toward the Caribbean, with most of our sails set, we’re ready to make our grand entrance.

Before that: on the bridge this afternoon it’s pleasant, helming duties are shared, the cooling breeze disguises the afternoon sun, the chatter peppered with fantasies of food, women and wine (Carol politely declined the offer to add in men), what many weeks at sea does to the mind… not a bad Sunday afternoon at all.

Forward Starboard out. (Ian, Hamish, Matt, Carol, Barnaby, Bob, Joe)

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