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May 14, 2018

The doldrums and rain clouds are now well behind us, though on starboard watch, Pops reports that there’s still a lot of Sargasso weed floating past. It’s a lovely, sunny day and a steady north easterly breeze on the starboard beam makes it perfect sailing weather. We have 11 sails up and are now just passing the Suriname coast, having spent the last 24 hours passing French Guiana, which must have included Devil’s Island of Papillon fame.

We’re about 100nm out to sea, so no land in sight of course. The log records 209 miles sailed in the past 24 hours and reaching 11 knots in the early hours of the morning, we also passed the 5000 miles mark since leaving Cape Town.

But all is not entirely well… The last of the peanut butter was eaten two days ago. We ate the last egg for breakfast this morning. We have run out of fresh fruit and vegetables. Cookie has been coping magnificently. His corned beef hash and baked beans for lunch yesterday was a triumph. But tensions among the crew are clearly rising, coming to a head at noon today with a spate of murderous plots! Will the first mate soon be despatched with an eye splice at the foremast? Or the captain laid low by an attack with a teabag at the bumpkins? It seems that only one person can emerge unscathed from this turmoil. Forward Port: Clive, Colin, Harriet, Ian, Michael, Stuart

N.B.:At the time of writing, Morgan and Maisie have already been viciously misled and dispatched with a tea-towel and a stopper respectively…who will be next…?

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