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May 15, 2018

Another glorious morning welcomed us out of our bunks today and the sun has shone ever since. Cookie was allowed an extra long lie-in today (so, naturally, he emerged at 0615) but, instead of our usual cooked breakfast options, Katy kept us well fed with home-made granola, bircher oats and fabulous cinnamon and raisin pastries. Stuart, our resident vegan, said he definitely did NOT try the buttery pastry but said they were delicious.

24 hours have passed since the first assassinations and bodies continue to fall around the ship. Crew members can be spotted hovering around the lifeboats with an electric toothbrush, under the ratlines with an HB pencil or asking to be reminded how to tie a bowline. During our watch, our illustrious captain, Barbara, was despatched next to the capstan with a flip flop.

We have also been graced, once again, by a pod of False Killer Whales. Today’s visitors were more numerous (we think 9 or more) and came closer to the ship than yesterday’s sighting.

The wind has died slightly to 13 knots. Although we are making good ground, we are all quite glad that the ship has righted itself slightly from the 15 degrees we’ve been suffering from over the past few days and we are able to navigate the alleyways without climbing ropes and are able to get into our upper bunks without spiderman powers!

Andy wishes his grand-daughter, Mayson, a very happy 4th birthday and sends a loving message to her great mother, grandmother and great grandmother! 4 generations of great women and they are dearly loved.

Aft Starboard – Stuart, Roly, Paul, Bill, Peter, Paul, Maggie and Gee

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