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May 16, 2018

Greetings me hearties! We are sailin to the isles of the Carib! There’s golden shores, music to dance to, rum to be drunk, and booty to be had. Arrg!

Get your sabres out, load your pistols, and prepare to board all vessels. We have set sails including the spanker, handed sails, and braced the yards. We be ready for some island action.

We be first headed to Bequia to rob the beaches of their sun and their bars of their rum. Then we pass many isles looking for treasure before we raid the isle of Antigua. There has been murder on board, the crew is dwindling, but we will catch the brigands and lock em in chains in the lower decks, to be sure. Captain Barbara and First Mate  Ali have promised a bounty for all.

So lock up your belongins and be ready for some fun to be had. Dread Pirate Tim, Peg Leg Andy, Savage Nick, Dead Eye Chris, Denim Short Mike, our two fair maidens Ruth and Karen, and Smee Carter. Special mention to Assassin Alasdair, taken cruelly from our watch! Arrg.

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