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May 17, 2018

Day 39 of the mission – Forward Starboard again at the helm and blog controls. 5,500 nautical miles now covered…phew!

Nearly all our watch are dead, except Joe who has eluded his killer so far. Today we are motor sailing at 10 knots plus with most of our sails set – looking good for our Caribbean entrance.

All are eager to set afoot on dry land, if you read the previous watch blog, be afraid – IT IS the mood on board. Or if you own a bar in downtown Bequia – double your prices, stock up and hurry as we anchor tonight!

Before that it’s another warm sunny afternoon, air & sea temps still high, over 80F, a mild aqua blue sea gently pushing us along, a few crew on the Bow Sprit, eager for any early land sightings. We’re all looking forward to the next few days of Caribbean sun & rum. Your motley watch – Forward Starboard (Matt, Joe, Hamish, Ian, Bob, Carol, Lee, Barnaby)

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