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May 1, 2018

Forward starboard is reporting on the halfway day of our Trans-Atlantic adventure.  As we sail closer to the equator, the temperature is rising, along with the spirit of friendly competition.

It was another day of celebration yesterday, starting with singing Happy Birthday to Barnaby as a wakeup call and then a sweet potato joke cake at smoko. The big chocolate cake, made by Cookie Ian, soon followed . Also a Happy Birthday to Graham’s wife Pauline.

Today individuals are calculating their guesstimates for the exact distance travelled from Cape Town to the moment Tenacious crosses the equator, the winner to receive a bounty of two chocolate bars. Additionally, the watches are coming together to design and construct advanced egg preservation technologies.

Tomorrow, these safety devices will be put to the test as innocent eggs are ruthlessly hurled from the fore mast.  The victorious watch will bask in the glory of their egg-cellence as the other watches will be shells of their former selves.  (Please egg-scuse the ova-load of puns).

Fair winds and gentle seas continue to carry us ever onward into the sunset.  The journey continues…

Forward Starboard (Joe, Barnaby, Matt, Ian, Lee, Hamish, Carol, and Bob)

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