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May 29, 2018

Greetings from Antigua!  The crew joined mid-afternoon yesterday and, after introductions to new shipmates and some catching up for those have sailed together previously, our  training commenced.

The Captain had the crew join early as she wanted to sail the 29th.  This morning we awoke to a glorious sunrise and breakfast on deck in Falmouth Harbour.  The stores arrived shortly after breakfast and the crew made light work of passing sacks of potatoes, flour, crates of vegetables and fruit to the correct cupboards and the cold store.

Lunch and dinner were also taken on deck today, so we really have enjoyed this gorgeous Caribbean atmosphere! The rest of the day has been taken up with more training with many of us going aloft to let go the gaskets on the main and lower topsails.

This afternoon we sailed off the berth, without using the engines at all, we are now heading North West to Anguilla under Lower and Upper Topsails, T’Gallants and both Courses, arriving around lunchtime tomorrow.  A beautiful moon has risen astern of us and we are looking forward to a lovely night at sea.

Forward Port, Maggie, Paul, Lizzy, George, Marco, Barnaby, George, Emma, and Alan (on mess)

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