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May 31, 2018

A-hoy there!

Continuing from our last entry, the crew sailed Tenacious through Tuesday night and the following morning until we arrived at the Caribbean island of Anguilla. We anchored off Road Bay beach around 2pm and crew were ferried ashore in the ribs for an afternoon off to explore the island.

Much to the surprise of Captain and crew, it was in fact ‘Anguilla Day’, a public holiday for the whole island!  As a result, the usually quiet beach was alive with vibrant colours and dance music, as hundreds of locals flooded down to enjoy the celebration in the sunshine. Many crew members took the opportunity to cool down from the sun by taking a dip in the sea, or sipping an icy drink at one of the local bars.

The beach also served as the finish line for the Anguilla Day sailing race, and, soon after we arrived, a variety of brightly coloured vessels sailed into the bay both participating in and following the celebration race. After a few hours of fun it was time to return to the ship for a late dinner on deck, though the party beats still reverberated late into the night.

After a night anchored off Anguilla, this morning we awoke a little early so the crew could enjoy a quick swim off the ship before the day’s sailing began. Under Captain Barbara’s expert instruction, we sailed off the anchorage and are now on course for the next stop on our voyage: Bermuda!

Forward Port: Maggie, Emma, Barnaby, Marco, Paul, George, Georgina, Max, Alan, Lizzy.

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