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May 4, 2018

Birds are very important to our journey. We had many birdless days, long days of beautiful rolling seas but no sign of animal life apart from the odd group of flying fish. But then, suddenly, a blackbird appeared at night, flapping around.

Not just a black bird but seemingly a land bird, looking like a blackbird, a raven or a crow. So we fed her. And she appeared again the next night. Where did she come from, in the middle of the South Atlantic? Did she find us, did we save her? Did she stowaway all the way from Ascension Island? Where had this bird been hiding during the day? Not on deck, we would have seen her.

Then, it became slightly ominous. Last night the bird was not alone! A group (a parliament?) of them circled the ship in the blackness of the night. We couldn’t see them, but these birds communicated ominously between themselves, calling across the ship high above us. The Birds… it reminded us of the that scary cult film, The Birds.

Are they planning something? Where do they come from? Where do they go during the day? We waited each day for sightings of birds, but now there is a curious unease. What are these birds planning for us? What will this evening bring?

Aft Port – Andy, Carter, Chris, Karen, Mike, Nick, Ruth and Tim

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