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May 7, 2018

The afternoon’s watch is cloudy and a welcome relief from the hot sun of the last few days. The crew spent an exciting day ashore on Fernando de Noronha yesterday, dispersing to various activities including hiring buggies, motorbikes, diving, snorkelling, swimming, eating and drinking.

There was some disappointment amongst the experienced divers as the “try divers” had the best diving, seeing 3 turtles, a lobster, a sea snake and a ray, in the backdrop of a shipwreck.  They also had the best looking Brazilian instructor, we’re told.

The buggies we hired were of varying standard but they got us around this beautiful world heritage site and marine conservation area. The day ashore ended in a café at the beach with many of us sampling the local cocktail, Caipirinha. This is a mixture of local rum, crushed limes and ice. Very good for scurvy and instant relief for the cold which is doing the rounds.

Many thanks to the volunteer and permanent crew for giving us a splendid day ashore. More Caipirinhas were enjoyed on board followed by a delicious Sunday roast pork, mustard mash and red cabbage with apple. Everyone got up a little bit earlier this morning to enjoy a swim off the ship, many of showing off our diving prowess. Some dolphins joined us for a short while. After breakfast we braced the yards and set the square sails to sail off the anchor.

Unfortunately, lack of favourable winds meant the sails were handed 3 miles to the west, but we provided a good looking display for the residents of Fernando de Noronha as we left. We are now motoring towards the equator and preparations are afoot for the line crossing ceremony. Aft Starboard Maggie, Paul, Peter, Andy, Stuart, Roly, Bill and Geertje (watch leader).

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