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May 8, 2018

At last, after a month of sailing with the wind coming from behind us, today we’ve got a fine breeze on the port beam. That’s meant we’ve been able to set the Main Course!

The main course is the bottom, and largest, square sail on the main mast. When the wind comes from astern, the main course tends to stop the wind getting to the fore course, so in those circumstances the main course isn’t normally set.

We’re an aft watch, so our sail handling duties are mainly concerned with sails on the main mast. It’s been a frustrating month watching the forward watches repeatedly set and hand their fore course, whilst our main course stayed in the immaculate harbour stow that the previous crew had done in Cape Town.

But this morning that all changed! We went aloft, cast off the gaskets, pushed the sail off the yard, then returned to deck to haul on tack and sheet to set “our” course! Since then we’ve spent several hours sailing along at a good speed in this fine beam wind – just what we came for.

Aft Port – Andy, Carter, Chris, Karen, Mike, Nick, Ruth and Tim

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