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May 10, 2018

Forward Starboard Reporting

Strong winds have risen allowing for more active sailing on Tenacious.  The past four weeks of training have helped make the sail handling far smoother than when we first came aboard. We hit our top speed thus far on the voyage: 12.8 knots. Our speed has also been aided by a strong current targeted by Captain Barbara which she explained to the crew yesterday afternoon.

An additional effect of our strong beam wind is the heeling of the ship to starboard.  The crew is becoming more adept to walking and performing other tasks at an angle.

We have now travelled over 4000 nautical miles since leaving Cape Town almost one month ago. Soon, Tenacious will be crossing the equator, with all the pomp and circumstance that entails for the polywogs: those sailing across the line for the first time. The extra speed is helping bring this celebratory event to fruition all the sooner.

Blue-grey skies and seas surround us as we sail on towards the horizon, the next adventure awaiting us.

Forward Starboard (Ian, Joe, Bob, Hamish, Barnaby, Matt, Carol, and Lee)

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