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June 10, 2018

We’re currently somewhere to the east of Bermuda. We’ve had a couple of quiet days motoring through a very calm patch but the wind is filling in slowly now, and a little bit earlier than forecast. So although we are still under motor, a few sails are set.

Wildlife update: We’ve seen a couple of dolphins (or perhaps pilot whales) and a butterfly (that may have been a moth).

Captain Barbara gave an expert lecture on celestial navigation – thoroughly interesting but many of us are still getting our head round the complexity of it! Nonetheless, we all enjoyed an opportunity to play with the Sextants and learn to take a noon sight.

The crew are fully engaged in feats of eggstravigant engineering preparing for the egg toss tomorrow morning – and in naming parts of the ship that have animal names in them (like the lower topsail, named after the lower topsail beetle endemic to the Azores, our destination on this leg, still many days ahead of us).

Ulla says “Good luck in your mock GCSE’s’ to Fuchsia”; “Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Meegs” from Nicole. “Hello Stanley” from Nanna and Grandad; “Good luck to Hannah in your exams” from Dad; and Janeen says “Enjoy the North Coast wee bods and Happy Birthday Allison”.

Aft Port. (Anne, Bob, Colin, Hannah, Janeen, Nicole A/WL, Nigel, Robin, Tim, & Ulla)

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