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June 11, 2018

White horses and wind.

With the animal nautical names in mind the wind picked up overnight and we are now SNAILing! With our compass set to due BEAST we pulled on the SHEEPS to set the topSNAIL. Thankfully the bioluminescence at night meant we didn’t have to sound the FROG horn.

In fact we are now making 6.5 knots. All the square sails were set after breakfast and we are having a brilliant sail towards Horta in the Azores.

The ship woke with great anticipation for the upcoming egg throw. A game where each watch has to create a clever contraption to protect a raw egg from cracking on the deck when they are thrown from the mast. Every egg was eggceptional. We had Eggwina wrapped in maps of the world and playdough, Eggbert protected by a toilet roll crash zone, another Eggbert surrounded by porridge and grapefruit. Nando’s medium hot wrapped in Sudoku, and finally brave Erica, naked except for her safety goggles, protective gloves and wings. Flying fish, aka forward starboard swept the board whilst the other watches cracked under the pressure.

Thankfully their smug cloud from winning was soon shattered after Jordan, from Team Flying Fish, had the winning egg ceremoniously cracked on his head by Captain Barbara.

Fishing has now started with our disco squid lure bought in Bermuda. Tuna watch out…

Love from Flying Fish (Aka forward starboard) Jo, Liz, Mike, Jordan, Ayelet, Nige, James, Mislav, Charlotte. Charlie the cadet has now left our watch for elite training.


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