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June 12, 2018

Star date Tuesday 12th June
From on board the good ship Tenacious
Weather: bright blue sky very sunny partial cloud 25c
Wind: force 6 SW ideal for our course due East to the Azores.
Distance covered: 1676 miles
Speed: 8kts (under sail)
Highlights of the day: MURDER!!!!

The Murder Game has begun. All of the crew drew a name, location and weapon to be used out of 3 cups. Everyone was poised with baited breath wondering who the braggarts’ was that would kill them. Everyone was very cautious and all trust was gone all before the game started at high noon.

The dramatic music over the Tannoy signalled the start of the killing spree and within 10 minutes the first victim was claimed by the Captain. Poor Juliette cut off in her prime. She was the first of many to fall in the first hour. During quiet time a few more were knocked off and this continued into happy hour.

Clocks have jumped forward another hour marking another time zone crossed. At high noon sextant training continued with varying success under the tutoring of Captain Barbara and we were within a spit of the correct number of the latitude surprisingly.

Approximately 7 days of sailing to the Azores particularly if the good ship Tenacious continues at warp speed factor 8 a new definition of sail power. Morale high on ship and time’s flying by.

Bosun’s mates have a quiz planned for tonight which is always entertaining. Bosun’s mates also offering charity haircuts which Emma has already taken them up on. Official count is 17 dead before dinner.

From all in forward port; George, Emma, Maggie, Alan, Georgina, Barnaby, Paul, Max, Lizzy and Marco.
Marco says “Hi Mum”

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