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June 13, 2018

We continued on our easterly course towards the Azores, making a steady 8 knots under sail. As we left the Caribbean waters, the sea grew lumpier, the winds freshened and some of the crew began putting on an extra layer of clothes as the temperature ‘dropped’.

In the morning, the Lower and Upper Spankers were set on the mizzen mast, the first time they have been set this voyage, making it a total of 15 sails set.

Aboard, the great murder game continued as Marco, lurking with intent on the fore deck, “killed” Captain Barbara with a scrubbing brush as she took part in the pre-breakfast exercise class. Alas, it did the young lad no good as he himself was almost immediately felled by Emma, armed with a rolled up place mat. As more dropped – Jeff, the Bosun, slumped in the bar after Roly attacked him with a cleaning cloth – the game is moving towards its exciting climax.

At the second quiz night, Mislav’s Flying Fish team again triumphed. This time they displayed a foot fetishist’s knowledge of the feet of the six bosun’s mates which roundly defeated the other contestants. However the Aft Starboard team, which finished bottom last time round, moved menacingly up to second.

Aft Starboard watch: Roly, Juliet, Rosie, Katy, Eleanor, John, Geoff, Steve and Stan.

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