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June 16, 2018

A-hoy there from Tenacious!

Today, another gloriously sunny day on the Atlantic, marks the half-way point of our voyage!

Winds have been steadily dropping, though they have still been strong enough to sail (making around 6 knots), as the swell has calmed significantly.

Following from the last post, Friday afternoon was a long one for Mike the BM, who spent hours toiling over the main royal, sewing up the unfortunate tear.

This morning, Mike applied his efforts to something a little more fun, organising a quick-fire ‘Pin Rail Challenge’ for the voyage crew. Port and Starboard watches were pitted against each other, as one person from either team took their place at the main mast, both eager to be the first to identify whichever pin Mike announced. Naturally, all participants respected the strict ‘walking only’ rule.

Port watches triumphed (!) with 12 wins, vs the Starboard watch’s respectable 9.

This afternoon, the newly repaired royal was hoisted aloft to its rightful yard once more, by Forward Port’s very own Alan, which the BM’s could then deftly bend on. We once again have 18 sails set and look absolutely stunning!

It’s anticipated that the winds will continue to drop steadily over the next couple of days and engines will be needed to give us a little extra boost, but we are making good time for our arrival in the Azores.

Forward Port: Maggie, Max, George, Barnaby, Paul, Georgina, Lizzy, Marco, Alan and Emma.

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