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June 17, 2018

We continued our easterly course to the Azores with the winds still from the south to south west and the sea relatively calm.

A new crescent moon rose in the west and the nightly display of stars continued to dazzle. There was an early morning shower which with the sun strong in the east produced a magnificent rainbow arc-ing across the stern of Tenacious.

As we near the Azores, now about two days away, there is an increasing number of dolphins to be seen and photographed around the ship.

On the ship itself, Geoff, of the Aft Starboard watch, was named “top killer” after winning the murder competition while, more sedately, the flying fish watch threw an impromptu party on the bridge to celebrate 20 days at sea and, it being June 16, the halfway stage of our voyage to Southampton.

Meanwhile Mike and Ayelet gave a demonstration of how to make a wallet from a used fruit juice carton and the port watches won the pin rail challenge, defeating the starboard team 12-9.

Aft Starboard watch: Roly, Juliet, Eleanor, Rosie, Katy, John, Steve, Geoff and Stan.

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