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June 1, 2018

We left Anguilla mid-morning on a northerly course towards Bermuda. In a light wind, we set 15 sails and were a stunning sight, making a steady 4-5 knots. As night fell, the stars came out in their thousands, with the Plough and the Southern Cross clearly visible. The crew were then treated to a spectacular moonrise.

The following morning, Ben, the first mate gave an excellent talk on the various sails on the ship as well as the technical terms for the different parts of a sail. His talk was illustrated by volunteers from the crew re-fixing the royal (the highest sail on the mast) on the main mast.

His talk was followed by a man overboard drill with Penelope, our battered dummy, thrown over the port rail. The officers and the crew swung immediately into action and both Penelope and the life ring thrown in after her were soon retrieved.

We have been enjoying fabulous food this trip. (Don’t worry – no one is standing over us as we write this!). In particular everyone has been amazed by the fresh bread (gluten free and normal!). There was complete silence while eating an excellent fish stew for lunch – too busy enjoying the food to talk!

Now motoring under sail as the wind dropped significantly, we are making 6-7 knots with Bermuda still four days away.

All the best from Aft Starboard watch – Roly, Stan, John, Geoff, Eleanor, Steve, Katy, Juliet and Rosie (working hard on mess duty!)

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