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June 21, 2018

We moored near the ferry terminal in Horta, on the Azorean island of Faial just before lunch on June 19th.

Horta is a pretty town with largely neat, colourful and orange-roofed houses along the front and a backdrop of green hills. The plan was to stay for two nights and after lunch, the crew disembarked for some R&R.

Many headed for Peter’s bar, a famous watering holes for yachts, tall ships and tall stories. Others took a tour round the island by cab. The island has two volcanoes, one the long extinct Cabezo Gordo whose caldera has long since greened over. The other, Capelinhos was active as recently as 1957 when its eruption forced hundreds to flee their homes.

We left this lovely island at lunch time on June 21 with the aim of sailing around the south coast of the neighbouring island of Pico, in the hope of spotting whales and dolphins. We were lucky enough to see a few dolphins, a pilot whale and 2 turtles.

After we’ve sailed round Pico, the aim is to head eastwards towards Spain and then northwards to avoid the strong north easterlies blowing across the Bay of Biscay. But for now at least the winds are light and the sea calm.

Aft Starboard watch: Roly, Juliet, Eleanor, Katy, Rosie, John, Steve, Geoff and Stan.

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