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June 22, 2018

As the sun set yesterday whilst we meandered through the other Azorean islands one final time, the crew was unrecognisable as everyone donned their foul weather gear. We suspect it will get a little colder after leaving these wondrous isles.

We have certainly been spoiled by the lovely weather to date, as our woollen hats have been busted out as it gets as low as 20 degrees.

On the wildlife front, we had some inquisitive dolphins come and check us out before returning to their own fishing expeditions with some birds circling above.

We have a very brave lady, Liz Nelson aboard who has raised money for JST by asking for sponsorship to shave her hair (there is still a just giving page open for donations). The bosun’s mates rose to the challenge with clippers in tow, resourcefully using sheets in the place of a gown and paintbrushes to remove the lose hair. With the deed done, Liz had a look at herself, everyone patted her head and she soon returned to work in the galley like a real trooper. The bosun’s mates then ceremoniously tossed the tresses to the sea.

We enjoyed our time off in Horta, however the ship needed some extra love and care to recover, so an in-depth happy hour was required to de-sand and return her to her lustrous glory.

In exciting news from the bridge, with two weeks still in our voyage we have officially moved onto a chart showing our final destination – Southampton here we come.

We must run, as there are noon sights to take (practice makes perfect, previous sightings put us between 7 and 120 miles out from the GPS reading, perhaps we won’t let Ulla navigate us home)

We also have a lecture about living with a guide dog from John this afternoon that everyone is looking forward to.

Much love and see you in four days, Aft Port- Robin, Nicole, Ulla, Anne & Tim, Janeen, Hannah, Colin, Nigel and Bob.

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