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June 24, 2018

Day 28

Yesterday’s catch of the day was enjoyed by the fish eaters amongst us, as the entrée for last night’s dinner. Thank you Nige for catching the lovely tuna (on BM Ted’s lure) and to Captain Barbara for turning the tuna into a lovely sushi treat!

Having sailed almost due east from the Azores, we have now turned north east in light winds which are unfortunately heading us.  We are out in a very empty ocean again with very little traffic, but last night’s middle watch were treated to an exceptional lightning storm that lasted 4 hours.

Mike and Ayelet led today’s Sunday service which fortunately had none of the technical issues that plagued it last week.

Our own Lizzy and Georgina have written a 2 part “Who done it” thriller for the local newspaper Tenacious Times which we are all looking forward to reading hopefully tomorrow.

To work off this morning’s cake there was an exercise class, run by Bosun Jeff and Captain Barbara, held by the fore mast. It was quite a sight watching as various members of the crew did push ups, abdominal exercises, squats and downward dogs in yellow oil skins and wellies.

The most exciting moment of the day, at least for our watch, was the announcement of the upcoming SODS opera. For those of you who haven’t heard of this amazing event it stands for Ships Operatic and Dramatic Society. We are already at the costume planning stage.

–        Max says “Hi” especially to his Mum.

–        Paul says “Hello to Karen and Esme. Hello from Grandad Paul.”

–        George says “Greetings to the world”

–        Marco says “missing my mom a lot and a big shout out to all my good friends back home in Antigua and Barbuda, one love” .

–        Emma figures she should say “Hi” to her Mum as everyone else is.

Forward Port, Marco, Emma, Lizzy, Paul, Alan, Maggie, Max, George, Barnaby, and Georgina

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