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June 25, 2018

We continue to proceed on a generally east to north east course towards the top North West corner of the Iberian Peninsula – Cabo Finisterre. Strong north easterlies, sweeping down the English Channel, prevent us pursuing a more northerly,  more direct course to Southampton but Captain Barbara is certain we would still make the port by July 5.

Life on board continued its full and lively pattern. There were regular sightings of whales and dolphins, including a pod of the latter, numbering about 30, which appeared on both sides of the ship yesterday evening.

Eleanor gave a well-received talk on how the internet works while Will, our second engineer, celebrated his 32nd birthday repairing a fault in the black water system. Micah, our excellent chef, did however bake him a colourful cake, decorated in icing with a spanner, nuts and various tools, which the whole crew eagerly devoured.


Aft Starboard watch: Roly, Juliet, Eleanor, Katy, Rosie, John, Steve, Geoff and Stan.

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