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June 29, 2018

Hello from Tenacious as we leave Vigo in Spain!

We had a fabulous couple of days here exploring the area, after a diversion to avoid the strong NE winds raging across the Bay of Biscay and to hopefully find favourable winds. There have been trips to the beach, the town and a few people may have found a bar or two.

Several crew headed off to Santiago de Compostela to see the cathedral which is famous as a site for pilgrimages. We wonder if sailing across the Atlantic counts as a pilgrimage, but suspect it does not!

With open ship in the afternoons, Tenacious was a star attraction in Vigo, and we now can say we have a celebrity aboard as 2ndmate Maikel was on TV. The occasion proved extremely popular with large numbers of visitors despite a language barrier for many. We assume that means Maikel said good things about us in Spanish!!

This morning was an early start to allow us a morning at anchor off Islas Cies and trips ashore to go swimming. The lure of coffee in the café diverted many but some of those returning from walks on the island decided a dip might be refreshing. The sea was generously described as bracing and swims were extremely quick!

We are now on the way north again heading for the Bay of Biscay via Cape Finisterre.

Bye for now from Aft Starboard, Eleanor, Geoff, John, Juliet, Katy, Roly, Rosie, Stan and Steve.

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