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June 2, 2018

Hello everyone from the becalmed waters of the Atlantic.

Yesterday afternoon began with handing all of the square sails to prepare for the fact that we would have no wind.

Ulla, Rosie, Hannah and Katy braved a before dinner climb to the very top of the main mast, believe it or not they were able to see lots of sea! There was a mad rush down so they didn’t miss Micah’s fish and chip dinner.

Later on watch we thoroughly enjoyed the beautiful stargazing including Venus, Neptune and the Southern Cross which was making the Kiwi’s and Aussie’s feel at home. Also, we were thrilled to see some phosphorescence dancing in the wake of the ship.

Aft Port filled the long hours of watch with ‘Story time’ where everyone contributes a sentence at a time, our stories made dragons, unicorns and lonely trees come to life.

We woke up this morning to another beautiful day in paradise, calm seas and blue skies with no other ships in sight. Breakfast was followed by ‘Happy Hour’ where we gave the deck a good scrub in the searing heat of the early morning sun.

We had assisted climbs followed by lunch and pool time on the main deck. Don’t get too excited, the paddling pool was very crowded – no diving allowed. Despite our best efforts, all marine wildlife has avoided our hooks, so no fresh fish for dinner.

While the bosun’s mates were earning their keep aloft repairing the main upper topsail Aft Port were practising their knots while on watch. There was some afternoon excitement when another vessel crossed our bow on the horizon, we aren’t alone after all.

Looking forward to the wind picking up so we can get back to sailing.

Aft Port (W/L Robin, Nigel, Ulla, Nicole, Anne, Tim, Colin, Hannah, Janeen & Bob.)


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