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June 30, 2018

Hola Amigos,

Visibility is rather important at sea, this has been discussed previously however we didn’t truly understand the difficulties of low visibility until we encountered it. Most of the night we appeared to be within a cloud. From the bridge we could barely see the bowsprit let alone anything else in the water.

The dolphins and whales don’t seem to mind as there have been a lot of sightings as they come close to investigate. During the evening there was one particularly nice moment when the sun broke through the fog and we had a quasi-sunset as it went down behind another cloud. Beautiful, until we were engulfed again.

We  suspect the closing of the watertight doors was Bosun Jeffs sneaky way of making everyone do more flights of stairs as you had to come up and down to make your way across the below decks.

This morning we had a whole crew meeting with Captain Barbara who told us about the arrival plans, which for the benefit of our families is as follows;

On 5th July,

We will be arriving with Lord Nelson, making our approach to our berth at 3pm, with the gangway rigged by 4pm. It will be Berth 49, accessed via Dock Gate 4.

For those arriving to welcome us home there will be cake and tea on the quayside, for both crews and family/ friends, from around 4pm.

On 6th July,

The end of the Voyage is coming all too soon and we will sign off at approximately 1pm after a thorough cleaning of the ship, our bittersweet final happy hour.

The ships cadet Charlie ran a session on buoyage this morning, enlightening the voyage crew and Aft Port have been enjoying a lovely afternoon under the watch-leadership of Bob who has been keeping everyone, even non-watch members, busy with learning knots and reading the charts. Rosie is delighted that after much stress, failed attempts and 2 different teachers she finally mastered a monkey’s fist.

We had better run, we have whales off the port beam and smoko to set up. We will see you again in a few days for our last blog contribution.

Aft Port (Bob A/WL, Tim & Anne, Nicole, Ulla, Nigel, Hannah, Colin, Janeen and Robin)

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