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June 3, 2018

Marvellous meteorological Maikel taught us how the wind blows,

Pressure high and low and how the earth spins so.


Saturday night with the shooting stars,

Jupiter, Venus and Mars.


From the skies to our surprise, a flying fish flopped on deck.

We put it to bed in the thermometer shed, for the next watch to cook it with fries.


From the dark of the night, the moon rises bright,

Celebratory hot chocolate and we all slept tight.


We woke to a gentle breeze,

Replacing the glassy seas.


A sudden rain shower and no happy hour,

Sees all the crew content and pleased.


Captain Barbara led Sunday Service on deck,

And we prayed for our upcoming trek.


Then Jo’s chorus of Amazing Grace,

Left a smile on everyone’s face.


Belated birthday boy Nige,

Was blessed with a cake of great size.


It popped from the galley from our incredible cooks,

Whose dishes taste better than all those books.


Love from Forward Starboard on the helm,

Navigating across the ocean realm.


Mislav, Jo, Liz, Jordan, Nige, James, Charlie, Charlotte, Mike & Ayelet

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