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June 4, 2018

Greetings from Tenacious!

After a long sunny day of motoring yesterday, we were treated to a dinner of Moroccan lamb (and stuffed peppers for the veggies!) prepared with the assistance of Captain Barbara, since Stretch, the Cook’s Assistant, had the afternoon off.

After dinner, all the voyage crew convened in the lower mess for a quiz. Each Watch formed a team, with an additional team formed by the Bosun’s Mates. Tensions were running high, but in the end the ‘flying fish’ (Forward Starboard) triumphed!

This morning we set all of the square sails as the wind picked up slightly and after some motor sailing, the engine was turned off and we were off properly sailing once more. Hopes are the wind will pick up more soon, and we’ll be speeding along in no time.

And after typing the above, the wind did pick up! So we are sailing at a steady 6.2 knots towards Bermuda.

Forward Port: Lizzy, Marco, Barnaby, Emma, Georgina, George, Alan, Maggie, Max, Paul.

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