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June 5, 2018

Tenacious continued on its northerly course to Bermuda. With sightings of very few ships – no more than three or four – we seemingly had the western end of the Atlantic to ourselves.

But if the ocean was quiet, there was plenty of activity on the boat herself. A daily 0730 keep fit class run by Bosun Jeff and Captain Barbara featuring press-ups, planks, squats and yoga. Maikel, the second mate, gave a lucid talk on the weather: how strong south westerlies were likely to sweep us into Bermuda, how the passage onwards to the Azores was likely to be achieved on a single tack and how the weather in the English Channel was too early to assess.

There was a lively quiz, organised by Maggie and Stretch in the lower mess. This was won by Mislav’s watch, the Flying Fish, who seemed to have an unhealthy knowledge of car makers’ logos.

Tom gave the voyage crew a detailed lesson of how to tie knots, whilst Captain Barbara spoke of the sights to be seen, the pink beaches, the old dockyard and the coastal walks to be enjoyed on Bermuda. Landfall is due tomorrow morning and we plan to stay two nights before heading east. Two days’ R&R before 12-14 days at sea.

Aft starboard – Roly, Geoff, John, Stan, Rosie, Steve, Eleanor, Katy and Juliet

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