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June 9, 2018

Tenacious spent two nights of R&R in Bermuda, with the crew visiting the delightful Tobacco Bay and the pink coral beaches for welcome swims and snorkels in the warm clear water.

There were also ferry trips to the Historic Dockyard, which includes the National Museum of Bermuda, across from the island’s capital, Hamilton. Here some more enterprising members of the crew found a Waitrose where they topped up with Marmite.

We were moored at the quaint old town of St. George where many of the crew bought gaudy Bermudan shorts and shirts to be worn at the watch dinners on the last night ashore.

Our departure was set on Friday afternoon and this gave many of the crew a last chance for a swim or some retail therapy. We finally cast off at 1600 hours with a pilot aboard to guide us through the narrow exit out of St. George’s harbour, where the headlands on each side were just a few feet from Tenacious.

Back again in the open sea, we set an easterly course for the Azores, about 13 days’ sailing away.

This morning, Captain Barbara gave a talk on the complexities of celestial navigation; within an hour most of the crew were using sextants. Whether we all followed the calculations for working out the Noon Latitude, is another matter. Hopefully tonight, those on watch will be able to spot the Plough, Venus, Neptune and other celestial bodies.

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