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July 14, 2018

Sunderland – Esbjerg
Tall Ships Race Leg one 13 th -20 th July 2018
14 th July Race Day

The day started with some training about climbing aloft, followed by the chance to actually go up the masts. Everyone got fitted with harnesses and most of the crew climbed up the rigging.

After climbing up the masts we headed back down for a gorgeous lunch – burgers on deck served by the main mast, in the glorious Sunderland sunshine. After lunch the final preparations for departure began, starting with some bracing training first. Just after 15.00 the pilot got on board and we left Sunderland heading along the spectacular parade of sail route before reaching the start line.

It was all hands on deck from the minute we left. Sails were set and lots of bracing was done. As we got closer to the start line everything got more manic, lots of rope pulling to get us on the right course for the best start. As we approached the start line we were almost boxed in by the Dutch, With Morgenstern on our Port, Ossterschelde closely inspecting our starboard side and the Eindracht behind us. It was beautiful to see all the ships sailing in close quarters. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the voyage holds

Aft Port Watch, Jade, Margaret, Helen, Phil, Katie, Oscar, Colin and Callum

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