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July 15, 2018

We are the forward starboard watch, we are currently on our 12.30 – 16.00 watch on day 3. The sky is blue, the wind is very light. So far today we have spotted some of the other Tall Ships that are racing, a seal, a dragonfly and a few birds. We are sailing with 9 knots of wind and we are managing 3.2knots.

Last night we had our first night watch, 20.00 – 24.00, it never really got dark throughout the watch. However we did get to see the sunset, which was really pretty, with no disruptions.

Yesterday afternoon was very busy with lots of sail setting and bracing, as we were preparing for the start of the races at 19.00. Approaching the start line there was a flotilla of sailing ships all close together all taking photos of each other, whilst also trying to set sails and brace the yards and not cross the start line too early.

When we left Sunderland the crowds were everywhere on the quaysides, waving goodbye and cheering us on! The crew on board Nellie are amazing and are great at working together – we’re off to a great start in the race, finding new friends along the way.

Abi, Laura, Ian, Ruby, Rosy, Patrick, Devin, Chris

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