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July 17, 2018

Yesterday since we were making good progress on the course we were on. We had some down time after lunch (chicken pasta and salad amazing). So what better way to relax than sit in the bar and have a game of monopoly? What started out as fun soon became an intense battle of business strategy, and four hours flew by before we knew it.

At dinner time, our strawberry cake dessert was so good that Reece had seconds and I’m sure Thomas had thirds. Our watch lasted from 8pm – midnight that night. The sunset was beautiful, but it wasn’t even fully dark by the time we went to bed!

We also had some deep philosophical discussions about religion, relationships and just in general! Unfortunately by morning we had slipped from 8th to 15th in the race, so everyone was up half an hour earlier than usual so that we could tack before breakfast.

Hopefully with this, we can give ourselves a boost and finish further up the rankings. The actual race finish has been moved closer as the winds are so light, to 16.00 today instead of 23.00. That’s also the same time our watch ends, so the pressure is on!

The race time is ending earlier to allow time for the vessels to hand sail and motor into Esbjerg in time for all the events planned ashore.

Aft Starboard watch Brandon, A;li, Chell, Thomas, Katie, Gill, Ellie and Reece

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