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July 2, 2018


With only a few days of the voyage remaining, Tenacious has returned to home waters!

After Sunday’s energetic daytime activities, and some lovely early evening sunshine, a tense evening lay in wait on the Bay of Biscay. Just as our 8pm to midnight watch began an eerie bank of fog rolled in towards us across the water. The ship was enveloped in a dense fog on all sides.  The watertight doors were shut and a lookout posted at the bow to watch for fishing buoys and other potential hazards that would be invisible from the bridge. The Watch was also instructed to keep as quiet as possible, as the loss of visibility meant listening out for other ships was important.  The fog was starting to clear by the end of our watch and some stars were visible by the time we went to bed, making us nostalgic for the glorious cloud-free night skies of the mid-Atlantic.

This morning we awoke to the news that we had entered the English Channel.  This is the first time Tenacious has been here for a few years! The fog had gone, but was replaced by a dull, but rather less dangerous, overcast sky of drizzly cloud.

Rehearsals for the SODS (Ship’s Operatic and Dramatic Society) opera are now in full swing, especially for our Watch, as Lizzy is keen to whip us all into shape for a truly West-end-worthy performance on Wednesday night.

Winds have still been too light for sailing to be possible, though Captain Barbara is still hopeful for a sail this evening, so fingers crossed!

Over and out!

Forward Port: Max, Emma, Barnaby, Paul, George, Alan, Georgina, Maggie, Marco, Lizzy.

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