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July 3, 2018

We are currently zooming along at 4 knots due to wind power and we are sailing with the engines off!

We sighted Berry Head and Dartmouth before wearing the ship to allow us to continue our thrilling sail. Micah cooked a delicious Chicken Normandy and Banoffee Pie and 2nd Mate Maikel boldy accepted his own personal challenge to eat 6 portions.

The night watches were delighted as the clouds cleared and the stars came out. The watches were kept busy as there was a vast amount of shipping. At one point there were fourteen vessels that could be seen on the starboard side. The moon last night was a spectacular colour of red and the crew were treated to an amazing sunrise.

Today a number of voyage crew who were completing the leadership at sea got to experience what it’s like to live with a disability. After being blindfolded for 4 hours Max commented on the amount of trust you have to put into a buddy while still trying to be independent.

We have had contact with Lord Nelson and are looking forward to reuniting with them on our return to Southampton.

Aft Starboard- Roly, Geoff, John, Juliet, Stan, Eleanor, Steve, Katy and Rosie.

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