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July 4, 2018

Ahoy Shipmates,

We awoke this morning to a view of the Needles and the lighthouse and have had a lovely morning making our way to and anchoring off Yarmouth.

We are running boats ashore for our last port visit, looking forward to cream tea and fish and chips – it’s been a while!

There has been a change of plans regarding our arrival, the Port Authorities have changed our berth.  It will now be 106, accessed through Dock Gate 10. This is the Mayflower cruise terminal. Times remain the same with the added bonus of plenty of free parking near the ship.

We are madly rehearsing for the SODS Opera and our last couple of nights aboard.

Got to go, we don’t want to miss the last boat ashore.

See you tomorrow, Aft Port.

(Robin, Anne & Tim, Nicole, Janeen, Hannah, Ulla, Nigel, Colin and Bob.)

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