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August 29, 2018

We’ve had reporting of “land sickness” due to our wonderful shore leave in Dartmouth.  Cadets have been swaying back and forth on the land like they’ve been at sea for weeks.  Alas, the bout of “land sickness” hasn’t stopped everyone enjoying the delights like ice cream, fish and chips and pizza.  Morale is high and everyone is feeling bright.  Most of the cadets used this opportunity to complete workbook 1 of their BTEC level 2 in leadership and personal development.  It seems easier to complete this when we aren’t swaying at sea.

We had a fantastic opportunity to visit the Britannia Royal Naval College with a private tour around.  The place is huge and full of history.  It has many resemblances to Hogwarts.  Fun fact: The college is home to 64 beagle dogs, yes real life woofing beagles.  It was a great time!

Now we are powering through to Alderney and should arrive around 20:00 hrs-ish.  The sea is very calm and there are lots of dolphins in sight.


**Update: Now safely anchored in Alderney.  The moon is a most beautiful orange ball above the islands outline

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