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August 30, 2018

So, because we haven’t done much since we left Alderney here is another side to when we were on land.  A group of ten of us on the speedboat docked on land and went to the markets to stock up on food.  From there we walked into the town and debated whether to join the others and hire bikes.  We decided not to and carried on with our stroll.  Later on, we found ourselves at the beach.  All the girls went in the sea for a swim or paddle (I was the first hehe) while the boys sunbathed.  I can see why because the sea was freezing.  Lily also tried to teach me how to cartwheel which didn’t work so I just ended up making a Sand angel.  The day ended with fishing and pulling up the anchor.


Many of the voyage have been busy this morning completing workbook two of their course.  Johannes also gave an excellent talk about the different buoys we encounter at sea.  We are now approaching the busy shipping lanes of the channel so those on watch need to be extra vigilant as the number of fast moving ships build.

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