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September 4, 2018

A lone fisherman appeared, saying he couldn’t pull up his ‘fish nets’. Emergency assistance was offered from the permanent crew. On pulling up the fish nets, they found it was full of crabs. He was given a peace offering from the Bar stock to ease his discomfort. The fisherman went off smiling.

Once on our way, we managed to put up all the sails up for the first time on the trip. We raced on at 3.8 knots, leaving the power boats in our wake…

On our travels, we came across a ship in distress… The STS Prolific had ran out of tartare sauce. Despite all efforts to transfer said sauce via hook and crook, in the end they had to make do with the recipie.

We were then buzzed by a Royal Naval Lynx helicopter, which came alongside to take a picture (as did we).

We are now approaching Sandown Bay for anchorage.

Martin, Chris, Steve, Tony, Douglas, David, Roy and Tom.

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