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We are offering an exclusive offer from 29th October 2018 – 25th November 10% off all Lord Nelson winter 2019/20 voyages and if you book and pay up front you receive a further 5%.

Don’t forget at time of booking to use Code: GoldenTicket

October ’19

Weymouth to Lisbon  14 days

November ’19

Lisbon to Las Palmas 12 days

Las Palmas to Cape Verde  13 days

December ’19

Cape Verdes Round Trip  11 days

Cape Verdes Christmas Voyage 8 days

Cape Verdes New Year Voyage 8 days

January ’20

Cape Verdes to Antigua  25 days

February ’20

Antigua Southbound Round Trip 11 days

Antigua Northbound Round Trip 11 days

Antigua Southbound Round trip  11 days

March ’20

Mystery Voyage 8 days

Antigua to Nassau 14 days

April ’20

Explore The Bahamas  11 days

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