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About Us

The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is an international, United Nations accredited disability charity, promoting integration through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing.

We provide life-changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability. Our voyages change lives by improving self-esteem, building confidence, and providing fantastic leadership and life skills.

History Lord Nelson

A History of Our Adventure

The Jubilee Sailing Trust has been changing lives since 1978. In that year it became a registered charity through the extraordinary vision of a dedicated group of people working against the odds to make their dream a reality.

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What we do

The JST takes both disabled and able bodied men and women to sea, to not only teach them how to crew a tall ship, but to promote equality, sharing and to celebrate our individual differences by working together to achieve greater things.

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wheelchair crew
JST forces rehabilitation

Forces Rehabilitation

We passionately believe we can be of great service to injured and recovering personnel on a variety of levels from our extensive experience to our profound slogan ‘Changing Lives’ we are a credible source for rehabilitation.

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Our Mission

The JST is here to build the bridges of awareness and understanding and by using two fantastic, specially designed tall ships, break down barriers for a better, more inclusive world.

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About Us Tenacious & Nellie together


How we help

The Jubilee Sailing Trust’s aim is to integrate men and women of all abilities through the challenge and adventure of Tall Ship Sailing. We want to break down barriers and correct misconceptions around disability. We allow people to challenge their own perceptions and prejudices and our voyages enable people to push the boundaries and open themselves up to new opportunities.

We conduct many surveys to find out how the voyage crew participants felt before and after they have sailed with us. To see the results please click here.

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