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Through the JST experience, our mission is to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Integration of disabled and non disabled people aged 16+
  • We empower our beneficiaries to discover their abilities and to focus on what they can do rather than want they cannot. Voyage crew arrive on board with doubts about the voyage and their ability to cope and leave with new found confidence about themselves, new  friends and knowing that they can be a useful member of a team.
  • Education – we want to break down barriers and correct misconceptions around disability, by educating/informing all our voyage crew.

Why our mission is important

Considering that one-in-four of us is close to a person with a disability, it is amazing that there is still that element of prejudice, misconception about ability, and a lack of awareness of the things that can make life inclusive. The JST is here to build the bridges of awareness and understanding and by using two fantastic, specially designed tall ships, break down barriers for a better, more inclusive world.

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