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Travel and Accommodation:

  • Holidays for All
  • Ski 2 Freedom – The mountains welcome everyone! Ski 2 Freedom Foundation is a major portal providing comprehensive information on snow-sport and mountain activities worldwide, meeting the specific needs and requirements, of young people and adults who have a disability, special need, life-challenging illness or who have suffered a trauma and need reassurance that a winter sport holiday can still be or become part of the journey back to recovery.


  • Topsail Insurance – Our Jubilee Sailing Trust Travel Insurance policy is designed for those able bodied and disabled voyage crews sailing on board TS Lord Nelson and TS Tenacious. The travel policy is specifically designed to cover you offshore and for all the activities you participate in whilst on board, including climbing the rigging. The policy also covers your travel to and from the ship and extends to include any pre-existing disabilities as standard.

Topsail Logo: +44 (0) 1273 57 37 25

Sail Training:


  • Splash Sea School are recommended by the magazine “Sailing Today”.
splash logo
Splash offer a 10% discount on all Splash courses for JST friends – just enter “JST” partner code when purchasing a Splash course and the discount will be applied.

  • Boat District
  • For a one-stop portal for all things nautical, visit The site is described as follows: “This company was founded because we have been frustrated by the challenge of accessing reliable information when planning trips or attending events. Our aim is to enhance our members sailing experience through access to information and services aligned to their needs.We have an extensive library of knowledge and a comprehensive directory of services and clubs, information on local events and the latest news and updates. Our team have a wealth of sailing experience and include internationally renowned racing skippers.”

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